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Eurotronix Ltd

19 Crudgington

PC, Touch-screens and HMI controls.

Since the start of Eurotronix there has been a growing demand for touch screen and HMI repairs.

Siemens TP170, TP177, TP1200 comfort, MP, and KTP series units  as well as other makes such as

Siemens Rack PC units now also repaired

Siemens PC677 and Siemens IPC series HMI touchscreen units now in stock

Mitsubishi Beijer panels  MAC50, E200, E300, E400, E500, E600, E700, E800, E900, 1000 series, Beijer IX series,

Omron NA, NS, NT series; including the hard to obtain 15” touchscreens for the NA5-15W101B&W

Schneider Magelis, GT, ST series;

Telemecanique TF, TG, TP series ;

Heidenhain controller panels,

Pressflow, injection moulding pendants with and without screens , touchscreens and or buttons.

Bespoke units for Bio reactors and robot pendants as also undertaken as the technology is much the same.

Power supply failure (dead unit), broken screens , broken touch controller screen, failed buttons (tactile or otherwise) can be done for all the units on the market at present we believe.

We also work on bespoke Windows / DOS / 4GW embedded PC systems with / without touch capabilities.

On occasion we have been asked to extract software and install it into another unit, sometime with unorthodox methods, for example extracting eeproms / eproms, volatile RAM memory into newer units without loosing the software within.

Call or email us ( button on the left of this screen), for a chat about your problem units.



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